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Dating Sites Price Comparison

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Before you choose a dating site, it’s important to consider the costs. While there are some ‘free’ dating sites out there, they typically have a lot of spam and a low quality of users. You wouldn’t cheap out on a first date – why cheap out when it comes to choosing a dating site? By choosing a paid dating site, you’ll filter out all the low quality users. Online dating services typically have monthly, 3 month, and 6 month subscription plans. If you choose a longer subscription period, you’ll get a discount on the monthly cost. The prices listed above are monthly costs – but if you choose a 3 or 6 month plan you’ll have to pay for it up front. For example, if you choose to subscribe to Zoosk’s 3 month plan, your cost today will be 3 x 19.98 = $59.94. Your subscription will give you full access for the next 3 months.

As you can see, the cost for a subscription at each of these sites varies. You’ll want to do some comparison shopping between the sites and see which one fits your needs best. Most of these sites allow you to sign up for free; we would recommend that you sign up for the sites you are interested in and try out their features before you subscribe.

More and more, people are finding their matches on online dating sites. For the price of one dinner or one month’s cable TV subscription you may be able to find the love of your life – you can’t put a price on that!

Online Dating Tips: When to Give Him/Her Your Number

Here’s the scenario – you’ve been chatting or messaging someone for a while on an online dating site, and you’re thinking about taking it to the next level. When should you exchange phone numbers or emails? The beauty of online dating is you can remain relatively anonymous. Because online dating sites typically do a pretty good job of maintaining your privacy, you can flirt/talk with as many people as you want without having to worry about creepers. But once you give them email/phone number, it definitely takes the relationship up a notch. Giving someone your phone number may seem to be a daunting step, but it’s really just the logical next step after communicating with…


Things To Consider Before Moving In Together

If you are considering moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend you might first want to take a step back and think about whether it’s the best move. You might have recently met and know that you are meant to be together forever and think that moving in together is the next step, but are you really sure that you know this person well enough? Whether you have met via online dating, a blind date, or have known them a long time as a friend, you still may not know enough about the person to want to make this serious move. Here are some things you should consider first. Are you both ready for this…


Dating Tips: Going On a Blind Date

For the most part, blind dating is not all that different from any other kind of dating. However, it’s always harder to go on a date when you’ve never met the other person! The good thing about blind dates is that they are usually set up by a mutual friend; so you already know that the person is someone who has been vetted and okay’ed by your friend. Don’t Let Your Past Dictate Your Future When on a blind date you never want to let your past relationships interfere with this new potential relationship. Keep an open mind and treat this new person with a fresh outlook. It’s good to learn from your past mistakes…


Compare Online Dating Services

You’ll want to compare the top online sites before forking over your hard earned cash for an online dating service. Read our dating reviews to find out which dating site is best the best fit for you. Some points of comparison include features, userbase, matching system, pricing, and ease of use: Features – Some sites have unique features such as video chat, personality assessments, and mobile/facebook apps. Userbase – Each dating site has a slightly different type of user. For example, eHarmony only allows heterosexuals. PerfectMatch’s user is typically more interested in serious relationships. Matching System – Some dating sites have an automated matching system, some have searches, some like Match have a mix of both….


Top 10 Dating Tips for Men

1. Look Your Best You wouldn’t take your new Mercedes out to pick up a date without washing and waxing it first – why would you go on a date without washing and waxing yourself? Dress yourself in some nice clothing. The most important part is getting clothes that fit you well. Don’t wear baggy pants or oversized tshirts. Go to a more upscale store and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Or go shopping with a girl! 2. Hygiene and Style Go get a haircut and shave. Unless you know that your girl is into neckbeards or shaggy moptops, get it trimmed! You don’t necessarily need to get a professional shave, but a…


Safety Tips – Meeting Someone Long Distance

The nature of online dating means that it’s quite likely that you might meet someone who doesn’t live near you. The beauty of online dating is that you aren’t confined to a location – you can interact and talk to people all over the country. However, meeting someone long distance does require special safety concerns. Stay in a hotel or friends home – If you can’t afford a hotel, you shouldn’t go! Do not stay in the other person’s home! Use a rental car or taxi – Don’t get into a personal vehicle with someone you’ve never met in real life. Keep your location private – The person you are meeting should respect this, until…